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Teegara app is the first mobile application in Egypt that specializes in selling wholesale household products. It was established to help merchants and factories find each other, as factories can access more merchants, and retailers can buy any product they want easily.

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Our Services For Retailers

* Multiple payment methods

* E-catalog – full products

*  X factory prices


Our Services For Vendors

* Tech-Based marketplace platform

* Tech-enabled distribution marketplace

* Access to new geographical areas


Data Analytics

Access to new retailers

Tech-Based distribution platform

Different payment methods

X factory prices

B2B Household products catalogue

Our Partners


12 May, 2022
B2B marketplace Teegara raises undisclosed Bridge round

  • Egypt-based e-commerce Teegara has raised an undisclosed bridge round, led by Alexandria Angel Network with the participation of investors from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan.
  • Founded in 2019 by Ahmad Kayyali and Nader Ibrahim alongside the first investor Ahmed Samir, the B2B marketplace provides merchants with household and FMCG products at competitive prices.
  • This round will be utilised in Teegara’s expansion plans by adding more verticals to its platform, hiring new talent and enhancing its technical capabilities.
12 May 2022
Alex Angels تجارة المصرية تغلق جولة استثمارية بقيادة

أعلنت منصة تجارة “Teegara”، المختصة في سوق الجملة للأدوات المنزلية وتتخذ من جمهورية مصر العربية مقرًا، عن إغلاقها جولة استثمارية (Bridge) بقيادة Alex Angles ومشاركة مستثمرين ملائكيين من السعودية ومصر والأردن؛ لتكون بذلك ثاني جولاتها الاستثمارية بعد إغلاق جولة (Pre-Seed).

14 May ,2022

Nine months after raising an undisclosed seed round, Egyptian ecommerce platform, Teegara, has announced the raise of a bridge round – also undisclosed – led by Alexandria Angel Network, alongside angel investors from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

12 Mat ,2022
Cairo-based Teegara closes Bridge round

Cairo-based B2B marketplace startup Teegara has raised an undisclosed Bridge round led by Alexandria Angel Network, and Angel Investors from several countries.

Teegara was founded by Ahmad Kayyali, Nader Ibrahim, and later joined by Ahmed Samir as the first investor. The startup offers vendors new distribution methods, ways for increasing both margins and incomes for small merchants by decreasing the two-three circles between vendors and merchants, as well as providing credit lines and other financial aids.

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Our Team


Ahmad AL Kayyali

Co-Founder & CEO MBA

Nader Ibrahim

Co-Founder & CFO DBA

Ahmed Samir

Chief Commercial Officer

Ramy Mamdouh

Chief Technology Officer

Ahmed Soliman

Vendor's Lead Manager

Mohamed Elrayes

Accounting Manager

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